Avoiding Excessive Food Cravings

A food craving is basically a desire for a specific type of food that’s persistent through time and usually doesn’t go away until it’s satisfied. Food cravings appear as a result of a combination of several factors: biochemical, hormonal, as well as emotional and usually occur when your body isn’t getting enough nutrients. There are ways to fight food cravings and thus prevent weight gain.

Don’t eat while watching TV

If you’re used to having a snack while you’re relaxing and watching a movie or reading a book, you should reconsider. While you’re engaged in a pleasurable activity it’s harder for you to control how much you eat, because we tend to keep on munching away until the movie is over. Not only that, but associating a type of food with relaxation can be dangerous because it can easily lead to emotional eating.

You’re in control

You shouldn’t allow those unhealthy cravings take control of your life. They’re easily manageable, as long as you’re willing to give them up. Firstly, try to eat consistently throughout the day, experts usually recommend having around six small and light meals per day, this way you make sure your body gets the calories it needs to sustain daily activities, but there’s no excess to be stored as fat. Also, by eating every 2-3 hours, you’re stabilizing your blood sugar level as low blood sugar level is the main cause of food cravings. You should also be aware of any emotional factors that may cause you to crave sugar or carbs. A hormonal imbalance of serotonin can accentuate feelings of sadness and depression and you may seek comfort in unhealthy foods.

Don’t forget to exercise!

Yes, exercising has multiple benefits: keeps your body healthy, makes you look great in a bikini and eliminates food cravings. Regular exercising can boost your endorphins level which are responsible for making you feel optimistic and putting you in a good mood. And when you feel good and confident, you don’t need junk food anymore.So when you feel those craving episodes are settling, go for a 20 minutes jog or a quick aerobics routine and you’ll instantly feel better.






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