Bobbie’s Buzz: Scales that help you lose weight

By TODAY style expert Bobbie Thomas

With Halloween candy hanging around the office, Thanksgiving feasts right around the corner and holiday parties soon popping up, it’s very easy to pack on those extra pounds. These savvy scales may be a smart solution to help you maintain your ideal weight.

Quantum Scale
It’s easy to get hung up on a specific number when trying to achieve or maintain your “goal” weight. But it isn’t always the number that’s important. Designed with this philosophy in mind, the Quantum Scale is a personal weight-loss product that focuses on progress rather than your actual weight.

Upon first use, the scale registers your actual weight (without displaying it). After that, you’ll only see pounds lost or gained, making the scale “more of trusted companion for weight loss rather than a measure of success or failure” according to its creator, Susan Taylor.

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