Cheating On Your Diet And Still Losing Weight?


They say rules are made to be broken and while that does not apply to all life situations, perhaps it’s alright to take a walk on the wild side from time to time. When it comes to weight loss, having to stick to a really strict plan can leave you bored and frustrated. Don’t touch that, banish carbs, don’t even look at sugary treats, drink more water, following all the rules can be difficult, but how else are you ever going to see results? Of course, there are some specific guidelines that can lead you towards your goal, but there’s no universal weight-loss plan for everyone. Rules can be bent to suit your lifestyle, personality and preferences so that your weight loss journey goes as smoothly as possible.

1. No eating after 6 PM: Actually, it doesn’t really matter when you eat, what matters is the total amount of calories you have over 24 hours. A study conducted by the Dunn Nutrition Centre in Cambridge showed that a large meal enjoyed late at night did not cause the body to store more fat. Not only that, but depriving yourself of food for such a long time (not eating after 6 means you’ll go approximately 12 hours without food) can lower your blood sugar level and leave you craving unhealthy foods.

2. Skipping dessert: Some diets completely ban sugar, but how can we deal without a bit of sweetness in our lives? This is definitely a diet rule you can break without compromising your weight loss goals. When you have no dessert to look forward to after your meal, you can easily eat more of the main course to make up for it, so having dessert can actually motivate you to control your food portions. Also, some desserts may actually help you burn fat: naringenin, a flavonoid which gives citrus fruits their bitter taste help your liver burn the fat instead of storing it. So go ahead and treat yourself to a fruit-based dessert, especially one that contains citrus such as lemon sorbet, or half a grapefruit with honey.

3. Banning the bread: Eaten in moderation, carbs will not cause you to gain weight. Diets such as Atkins lead you to believe carbs are diet demons, however, bread along with other healthy products containing carbohydrates fill us up, provide important fiber and, according to experts, increase serotonin levels to naturally improve our mood. Don’t be afraid to add a slice of bread to your meal if you feel like it. You could limit you carbs intake to one meal per day, so if you know you’ll have bread at lunch, don’t have cereal for breakfast.



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