Diet Mistakes – What You Didn’t Know You Were Doing Wrong

You’re trying too hard

An overly restrictive diet could have the opposite effect than the one you’re after. Suddenly denying yourself foods you have so far enjoyed is not a smart way to approach weight loss, as it is very likely that in a moment of weakness you’ll give up your diet. It’s advisable that you slowly transition to healthier food and gradually change your eating habits. Remember that you have to be honest with yourself and if you eat a salad for lunch, then have fries and cake for dinner you’re only cheating yourself.

There is such thing as talking too much about your weight

It’s normal to talk to friends or family about any problems you might have with your weight or body image. People around you can support you and encourage you when you feel depressed or overwhelmed about dieting and exercising. However, keep in mind that while people are trying to be helpful, their advice is not always documented or it may not apply to your situation. The best thing to do is talk to an expert, a nutritionist who can help you and recommend a diet according to your needs and lifestyle.

Having dinner with friends – a new challenge

So you started dieting, everything’s going well, your fridge is packed with vegetables, fruits and light cheese, any delicious temptations are gone and the food containing most calories in your house is your pet’s bag of treats. Receiving an invitation to dinner is like having a golden ticket to enter the Chocolate Factory and that frightens you. You’re supposed to order salad while your friends are enjoying a rich dinner plus desert. It can be hard, but you shouldn’t let your fear affect your social life. Isolating yourself can only lead to more frustration and can eventually determine you to abandon your diet.

Unrealistic goals

Losing 20 pounds in a week seems like a good plan when you have to look your best for an upcoming event and time is not on your side. However, try to avoid any quick, miraculous diets, these rarely work, plus they can certainly affect your health. Weight loss should not be turned into an obsession, but viewed as a choice to live a healthier life and to be careful with your own body.

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