How To Stop Sabotaging Your Diet

Sometimes, we are the ones sabotaging our plans without even realizing it. But why would you stand in your own way when it comes to dieting? Some people secretly fear that along with the extra pounds they’ll also be losing their identity. Others find it hard to imagine a life where they are no longer overweight. So you’re beginning to lose weight, perhaps 20 pounds or so, and you start to slip, having a bit too much ice cream or maybe an extra large piece of chocolate cake. There are many ways you can sabotage your chances of reaching your goal. Fear of success can be just as powerful as fear of failure, but either way, it’s time to say farewell to those irrational thoughts and live a healthy life style.

1. Stop comparing yourself to others: We do it all the time, whether it’s with a celebrity or just a woman standing in front of us in line at the grocery store, we’re guilty of comparing our own body with others. So many of us ladies size ourselves up to other women, without even taking into consideration that people have wildly different body types. Surely, it’s unrealistic to believe we can simply stop comparing ourselves to those around us, but how about working on accepting and embracing variety? Next time you see a woman looking really fit, how about complimenting her for the toned yoga shoulders or her gorgeous legs, rather than feeling bitter about your own appearance? You may surprise to find that she answers back saying she really admires your hair, or the color of your eyes.

2. No more fad diets: So you want to lose weight, but are you sure starving yourself is the right path to take? You need to reconsider your situation and focus more on living and eating healthy rather than trying to lose a few extra pounds. Eat. Going for an extremely low-cal meal will leave you unsatisfied and seeming anxious, and this could be the perfect setup for a binge later on. Of course, you don’t have to go for pizza and chocolate cake for desert every night, but do make an effort to understand what your body needs. If you need protein, steamed broccoli is not gonna cut it.

3. Slow down on the body checking: Yes, it’s perfectly natural to look at yourself in the mirror and analyze your body. However, it’s not alright to constantly have negative thoughts regarding your appearance, obsess over your weight or hop on the scale several times a day to track your weight. Do not allow your mirror to turn from friend to foe by always expecting it to reflect something bad. Try limiting the times you check yourself out, you may find your stress levels decrease. You also need to keep in mind that you are more than a collection of body parts, you also have a beautiful mind and a wonderful personality.

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