Top Healthy Snacks To Take At The Beach


Beach season is rapidly approaching and you’ve started making plans for the upcoming holiday. Ah, the breezy ocean, sand in your shoes, glowy tan, sipping cocktails under a pink umbrella and catching the sunrise after a night of dancing on the beach…Sounds wonderful, unless you’re terrified of wearing a much too revealing bikini. Still, there’s no reason to panic and adopt a really fad diet just to lose 10 pounds; it’s not healthy, it’s going to make you nervous, moody and prevent you from enjoying your holiday.

You need to work your way into a lifestyle that promotes healthy and maintainable behavior if you want to ensure long-term results, so that when beach season arrives, you won’t have to resort to any extreme weight loss methods. Snacking is part of a healthy diet, as long as you choose the right kind of snacks. Just because you’re lying in the sun at the beach, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a quick, healthy meal.

1. Carrots: Throw a bag of baby carrots in your beach bag instead of pretzels. Carrots are considered to be the best snack to nibble on during the summer because the orange pigment beta-carotene gives skin an extra glow while also protecting cells from free radical damage.

2. Watermelon: Doesn’t the smell of fresh watermelons just scream “Summer is here”? They’re not only delicious, but the lycopene found in watermelons will boost your skin with a subtle pink glow and protect its moisture level.

3. Frozen Grapes: If you like grapes, you’re in luck, because experts consider this juicy and delicious piece of fruit to be perfect for summer. Not only will this icy treat boost your skin with antioxidants, but grapes are also perfect for staying cool in the summer heat. Also,  each frozen grape is only three calories, so you can munch away without guilt.

4. Green Tea and Water: We all know how important it is to drink plenty of water, but out bodies need even more during the hot seasons, otherwise we risk dehydration. Chilled green tea helps you boost your metabolism throughout the day, while water is the best option to hydrate you inside and out on a hot day.

5. Protein Chips: Forget about regular chips, protein chips are an easy option and will keep you fuller longer. They are also  low in fat, so they won’t leave you with that ‘gross feeling’ after you having them.

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