Track Your Weight Loss Only With The Quantum Scale!

Quantum Scale Only Displays Your Weight Loss

You’ve decided to actively work on achieving your weight loss goals, but you’re dreading stepping on the scale to see just how much damage has been done in the months that you’ve been AWOL from your weight loss program. Why does it seem emotionally traumatic to come face to face with seeing that number on the scale? Having to see that number that you don’t like on the scale – whether it’s 150 or 350 pounds – is so scary that it stops people from ever beginning their weight loss journey in the first place.

The Psychology of Weight Loss and Scales

The Quantum Scale is being touted as the dieter’s dream – step on the scale after beginning a weight loss program and it only displays your progress. And the premise is an interesting one. Advertisements claim that health and wellness experts support the view that maintaining a positive outlook is important in not only losing weight, but developing a consistent focus on weight loss (or even maintaining weight loss). The idea is to remove the negative psychological stimulus (i.e., the current number on the scale that you don’t like!) to replace it with feedback on how much you have accomplished on your weight loss journey. The difference is akin to focusing on how far you’ve come compared to how far you still have to go to reach your ideal weight. [Read full article here]

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